Monday, June 4, 2007

My First Entry

I'm so proud of me! I created this blog all by myself! I've always had help from others with the computer because I am one of those who didn't have them in school and have not worked in a place where I had to learn them. Everything I know....I've basically learned from my kids or by reading.

Our kids...and I say our because I do have a DH...recently graduated from college with advanced degrees. They have both moved out of state to work and this blog will be part of my way to cope with my sadness of them going. Both have gone to college out of state, but I have always looked forward to those long visits over the summer and at the end of semesters. That won't be happening anymore. Now begins a new phase in their life...and in mine as I cope with "This Quilter's Empty Nest".

I plan to post about my quilting and other interests. I take pictures from time to time and will try to post some of those. This will also be a good place for me to log my progress with walking. I am a diabetic and exercise is important. Sometimes writing it down makes me do it more faithfully. Basically, I plan to write about whatever occurs to me as I sit in front of this computer, but I will always try to include something informative about my quilting or needlework.

Here's my first needlework entry. To date, all my quilts have been handquilted. I do a fairly decent job of quilting, but I want to get better. As part of my adjustment to this "empty nest", I enrolled in a handquilting class. We meet for our first class tonight. This class meets on 2 Monday nights for instruction. Then plenty of practice will be required. I'm really looking forward to the class.

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