Monday, June 25, 2007

Messy, Messy, Messy

What a mess!! My sewing room has gotten to the point of messiness where I can no longer stand it. This photo doesn't show the half of it. It's too awful to even post the other side of the room. So, it's cleaning time! The whole room needs rearranging, but I'm going to wait until the movers come for DD's things as I may decide to move my sewing room into her room which is larger. Still thinking about that as I do have a nice view out my current sewing room window. It overlooks the neighbors yard. He loves to garden and has lots of flower beds, a pond with waterfall and fish.

I have been a bit under the weather with an awful cough. No cold...just a cough. I take blood pressure meds because I am diabetic and one of the side effects of that (ACE inhibitor) is a dry cough. The cough would come about every 2 to 4 hrs. and the only way to stop it was to suck on a cough drop. It was so bad, I wasn't getting enough sleep. Talked with the dr. and she changed me to another blood pressure med (ARB). Within 48 hrs. of the change in meds, the cough is virtually gone. I actually got a good nights sleep last night for the first time in weeks!! Guess ACE inhibitors are not the med for me!!

Going to be hot and humid at my house today, so I walked at 6am.....4203 steps. Will wear my pedometer all day today to get an idea of how many steps I take during the day. I know I make lots of trips up the stairs as my computer and sewing room are upstairs.


Pieces From Me said...

Belvie, a messy sewing room is a sign of a true quilter! I understand the need to keep it orderly though ;0) I would probably keep the room with the view. Glad your meds are under control. I hate medications. It seems like when you take one, you need another to counteract the affects of the first one. Big round of applause for the walking. I am jumping back on my treadmill today! It will be too hot to walk outside.

Rose Marie said...

It's just a tad messy, but I do see organization in the way your spools of thread are all together, your sissors are in one container, your triangles are all together ... bet you can still get a lot done! :o)