Thursday, June 7, 2007


I've found that part of life in the Midwest is being tolerant of wind. I've never lived where the wind blows like it does here. Today is especially bad since we have the possibility of severe weather. Warm, humid and windy!

Today I plan to get a start on the mystery quilt our Wednesday sewing group was doing. I'm behind everyone else since I had graduations to attend. I do have some fabrics selected which you can see in the photo. I reserve the right to change my mind or add some more colors because I'm not sure the yardage is adequate. I'll figure it all out when I get started. These are fabrics I have had in my stash for a long time. Using them will be a start in reducing said stash. I REALLY need to work hard on stash reduction. My shelves and closet are full. If I never buy another piece of fabric, I not sure I can sew up all that I now have during my lifetime. I should be ashamed.....but I'm not! There's just something therapeutic about touching fabric for me, so if I'm ever asked....I just say that fabric is my therapy! I'm sure it is much less expensive than professional counseling.

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