Saturday, June 16, 2007

There wasn't a lot of sewing since yesterday. Most of my time was spent cutting. This quilt requires 192 two inch squares cut from each of 2 colors. Then 96 squares 2 3/8" from each of two colors. These 2 3/8" squares are then sewn to make 192 half square triangles. I got those all made and today I'm sewing the half square triangles to the squares.

This morning DH and I went to a local restaurant for breakfast. We usually do that on Saturday morning. It is a time we can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while someone else cooks the meal. It is usually quiet and we can talk. One thing I really dislike about going out to dinner in the evening is most restaurants are so noisy...making conversation a challenge.

Seems that summer is finally making its appearance. It is hot and humid today. I hope tomorrow is a nice day since it is Father's Day.

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