Friday, June 22, 2007

My current projects

I'm up early this morning and have already gotten my walk out of the way...4254 steps. Not as many steps as I would like, but better than none! It was best to get that out of the way early as today is suppose to be hot and humid. I don't like heat because I don't like to sweat.

I mentioned in my entry yesterday that I would show some pics of my current applique project. I guess I should give a little background before the pictures. In 2004, when both of our children were entering advanced degree programs, I decided I needed to make them both a quilt as a graduation gift. These quilts needed to be special since I knew they would both work very hard to graduate. Something really special....hmmmm! So, being the kind of person I am....never picking something easy....I selected Dear Jane for DS and the Conway Album Quilt for DD. Along the way DD happened to find out about hers, but DS did not. I started the applique in Aug. 2004 and the DJ in Sept. 2004. Since that time, I worked on nothing but these 2 quilts and my work for an applique class I take. Other than starting a new project as I really wanted to finish these (my mystery quilt I just did is the first new project since 2004!). Time did run out, but I was able to get the top finished for DS. DD had told me to get his top put together as she was content just knowing that I was working on hers. He graduated a week before her and after her graduation, we had a little family get together. I gave him is top...and gave her "blocks in a box" along with a picture of a finished quilt. They were both very pleased and said they were happy to wait however long it takes me to get them finished. I told them I would not start quilting his until I had her top finished. I think I will actually prepare them for quilting at the same time. They both know about the quilts....but they do not know that I have kept a journal for each of them as I have worked on their quilts. I started each with an entry telling them why I was making them, what I was thinking when I selected fabrics, what was going on in our life and the world, and I even kept the receipts from the fabric purchase and have attached them in the journal. I tried to make an entry every time I worked on them and I will continue to keep the journal until the last stitch is in the binding. Then I will give them the finished quilt and the journal. This is a picture of them as they opened their packages.

This is his quilt. I decided not to do the triangles! To be honest...I grew really tired of working on this quilt. I don't think I will do another like it or at least not anytime soon. I do not enjoy doing paper piecing, so many of the blocks are hand pieced. The easier ones with larger pieces were machine pieced.

These are the blocks for her quilt that I have finished. I still have one of the 12 1/2 inch blocks to finish and also the large center medallion. I don't know that I would make this one again either, but I do enjoy working on it. It has a lot of rusching which is going to make the top very heavy. I think I am just an "applique person!" I look forward to posting a picture of a completed top with these blocks!


Quilting Mama said...


I think we're twins, separated at birth, LOL. I LOVE to walk, HATE to sweat.

The Conway Album was one of the first applique books I ever bought. It's yet undone, but I'm inspired to do it after seeing yours.

And your Dear Jane quilt is spectacular. The colors are fabulous, I think I like your richer colors better than the original.

GREAT work on both quilts!

Pieces From Me said...

Your quilts are spectacular!! Oh my goodness, the DJ is beautiful. And the Conway Album is outstanding! The Masterpiece has a block with rusching in it and I have NO idea how to do that. When I get to that block, I may need to call you!! Your kids are blessed to have a mom who would not only make them quilts that fabulous, but to make the are a great mom!! Bren

jovaliquilts said...

Wow, these must take forever! Awesome, truly impressive.

I walk early, too, or it won't get done!


Jeanne said...

Your Jane quilt is wonderful! What a lucky guy to get that one. The applique blocks are gorgeous, too. They will make a spectacular quilt.

Rose Marie said...

Your quilts are lovely and a lot of hours into the making of both. I actually prefer the border you did for your DJ top. I find that the triangles are too much and take the eye away from the center blocks. Keeping a journal is a great idea and will be cherished along with the quilts.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Lots and lots of work has obviously gone into these quilts. I don't know how you could stick with it.