Monday, June 18, 2007

What's the weather like???

Can you guess what the weather is like at my house from looking at the photo? Yep! It's raining...and it is hot and muggy. Not my favorite kind of weather. I love the cool, crisp days of fall and would be most happy to have that year round.

Today is my day for running errands, so there won't be much time to sew. I did however make it outside for a few minutes this morning to snap another picture of my clematis. There are several more blooms opening up, but I think the rabbit has found it. On certain stems, the leaves are shriveling and turning brown because the stem has been cut. If it is the rabbit...he better leave my clematis alone!

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Jeanne said...

Such pretty clematis! It rained here, too, FINALLY. So ironic that some are flooding while others are so dry. I have had leaves turn brown on my clematis every year after it starts to bloom. It's a mystery.